Musgrave clarifies beef at centre of South Tipperary IFA fears is Irish

Fears had been raised over product in Cashel store

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


South Tipperary IFA raises fears over providence of beef in Cashel store

South Tipperary IFA raises fears over providence of beef in Cashel store

The IFA called on SuperValu to ease fears around product labelled as Argentinian strip loin steak for sale in its Cashel shop.

“While SuperValu is claiming that the Argentinian in the title refers to the sauce, IFA is insisting that Musgrave, SuperValu’s parent company make an immediate public statement on the matter,” said Mr Healy.

South Tipperary IFA Chair Erica O’Keeffe said that local farmers were shocked to find beef labelled like this in a store in Tipperary.

Musgrave, who own SuperVlue, said in a statement: "Following a discussion with the owner of Supervalu Cashel, we can confirm that the product in question is Irish striploin steak, with an Argentinian hot sauce rub. The product label, in this instance, may have caused confusion. SuperValu’s overall policy is that all of our fresh beef is 100% Irish and sourced from trusted farmers."

The call came at the same time as the Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed, has been told that there is an urgent need for immediate intervention to overcome the logjam on live exports.

IFA president Joe Healy said that there was now a crisis for lairage space in Cherbourg which was starting to cause a logjam in calf exports.

However, this was solvable if a common-sense approach is adopted by everybody.

The Minister had banked on a commitment from a ferry company that a second boat would sail on alternate days, but that has not happened.

Now both companies are planning to sail on the same days.

This will result in the lairage space being idle some days and over-subscribed on other days.

“The Minister and the Government must take a hands-on approach to this and find a solution immediately”, he said.

Mr Healy stated that the Minister could pursue four options: personal intervention with the ferry company to reconsider their sailing dates; explore the possibility of getting an approved livestock ship for special sailings; bring back into play a lairage facility that has been used in previous years; additional temporary lairage facilities at Cherbourg.