Easter egg hunt brings out the best in Roscrea - Shane Lee

562 eggs were donated to the committee and all were handed out to the children

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



Easter egg hunt brings out the best in Roscrea - Shane Lee

Pictured above are Shane Lee and the committee who organised the Easter egg hunt in the Glebe Park, Roscrea PICTURE: PJ WRIGHT

Roscrea’s annual Easter egg hunt was “a small idea that turned into such a big day,” says independent election candidate Shane Lee.

“It was absolutely fantastic to see so many people extremely happy at our Easter egg hunt on Sunday - smiles, happiness, entertainment and lots lots more.”

“Some weeks back I put this idea out there and the town really showed what we can achieve when we come together and ask for help. This town is unbelievably supportive, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done.

“Thanks a million to all those who supported us financially. It just would not have been possible without your kindness. To those who donated eggs, thank you so much - a total of 562 eggs were donated to our committee and all were handed out to the children.”

Thanks to DJ Carly Wright for keeping everyone entertained, and face painter Teresa Delaney for your dedication and skill. Teresa had a side kick, Angelina Loonam, who can just turn her hand to anything.

Special thanks to fellow committee members who never fail: Shauna Nolan, Gillian Pearson, Caroline Wynne, Norrie Hogan Rickard, Ashling O’Brien, and Angelina Loonam.

Our volunteers on the day were Katie Dynan, Sarah Dynan, Francis De Lewis, Ramona Loonam and our two camera men, Sean Hogan, Christy Behan and to the Delaney family, and Winnie Hutchinson for the use of their electricity, thank you all. The Easter bunny was supplied by Supermacs.