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Thurles man Johnny Mc has left Spain and is currently in Rome on his tennis tour

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Johnny Mc

No, it's not a load of bull from Johnny Mc - it's just one of the many roadside monuments in Spain

I'm amazed I saved money by using the expensive tolls - Johnny Mc

Thurles man John McNally continues his tour of Europe following the European Clay Tennis championship and tells of his many adventures.

Today I left Spain ……. but look at the very clever way Spain promoted itself. A large horned beast on a lot of hills between Madrid and Barcelona as I travelled. A very iconic image of Spain and totally in keeping with the Spanish image. Are they trying to give us a message here….. ” we are a taurine race “or some other obscure message like ” don’t mess with a beast ”?  I couldn’t help thinking what Ireland could do with the shamrock and the harp ….. plant them in harp shapes on the hills around Ireland ? Just a thought
Moved through Spain toll free …… I bleeding HATE tolls ……. mind you I don’t know anyone who likes them ……. it’s a bit like rejection……… nobody likes that either ….. except Jimmy Connors , Joe Brolly and Pat Spillane !!!!!
They’re a second tax …… like booking a ticket …… hear there’s a booking fee, and an administration fee or a handling charge……of tickets were passed mouth to mouth would that eliminate HANDLING CHARGES…….Oooooo forgot a service charge …. all ways to get more money ……… like Ryanair……. now there’s no such thing as priority, it’s a MUST
Back to tolls ….. there are a few types
First type - the Usain Nolt one …… up to 500 meters …… that’ll be € 5.55 please …… softening us up. Then the Mo Farah type …….. up to 42 km…….. that’ll be € 35.85 please sir ……… and on it goes. I thought toll free was the way to go….. NOT TRUE……. it takes twice as long and therefore twice the fuel………. worth thinking about. I’ve changed my mind. I now suck it up
I started to horripilate all over …….travelling from France to Italy ……. the coast with Nice , Cannes, Monaco …. et all … just fab No wonder so many top athletes have homes there
Hurricane force winds last night nearly topped over the camper……. my biceps are bulging today after trying to control the steering wheel last night.
I’m in Genoa right now having navigated the narrowest streets in history. Got here and off to Rome next……… should be fun. Great line up. And, the Italians. Well need I say !!!!! 

Roger Federer - game cancelled due to rain


'Today I am a horse' is a famous line from fiddler on the roof. His horse goes lame and poor Tevya has to pull his milk cart himself.
Today I set out for BNL FORO Diralia here in Rome and was only gone 500m when I said ” no tennis today”. Clouds overhead and rain as I walked told me ” cop on John ……. don’t be a busy fool ” …… I turned back much to my chagrin. The Fed was due first on court at 11:00 ……. needless to say it didn’t happen. Instead, I had a rest day, cooked a little and did some research on a previous rampage about tolls.
Here are the findings
Travelling to Lyon from here. My next stop is 1,070 km and takes 10 hours 43 mins with tolls. The tolls are roughly € 60 but this is not clear yet. Let’s say €60 …… it was €22 roughly to get down here from France.
Without tolls the journey is 1,150 and takes roughly 17 hours ……. so here’s the bit. Route with tolls costing, versus route without tolls. Difference is roughly 6 hours at lets say 50 miles per hour is 300 miles.  OK - at approximately  25 miles per gallon that works out at 12 gallons - fuel here is approx 6.70 per gallon …… that’s €80 give or take. You save at least € 20 using those dirty teams called tolls. I’m amazed.
Next up…….. an early start because I’d say first up is The Fed around 11:00am.  I’d say weather better be better. It was horrid today -like a bad Irish winters day …… cold and damp.
All for now.