Call to radically improve Gantly road ‘ugly black spot’ in Roscrea

Editor of the Roscrea People, George Cunningham, takes aim at Council owned field in the centre of town

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher



Call to radically improve Gantly road ‘ugly black spot’ in Roscrea

Eyesore: the Council-owned field on Gantly Road, Roscrea

A Roscrea author and historian has congratulated those county councillors newly elected to the Roscrea area, but calls on them to address what he calls “some truly horrific ugly black spots”.

Editor of the Roscrea People, George Cunningham, says, “it’s sad to relate, (but) one of these is the Council-owned field on the Gantly road, just over 100 metres from the main street of our heritage town.

“It must be the ugliest local authority owned centre town site in the whole of Ireland.

“Requests to at least remove the concrete fencing and let Tidy Towns make the site more attractive, were turned down by the municipal authorities who said they had no money to carry out such a relatively simple task, (the local engineer had agreed to do so).

“What chance has Roscrea in the national Tidy Towns competition with such an uncared for field, worthy of a third world location? What happened to the park on which much money has been spent in its planning?

“Lately, Tipperary County Council published its intention to renovate the roundabouts on the ring road of the old N7. There are three of them. The proposal was that new landscaping with commercial hoardings would welcome visitors to our town.

“The commercial interests in Roscrea and area were asked to indicate their interests in advertising on the hoardings at the roundabouts. Thankfully the traders of Roscrea saw the development as unwelcome and the Council did not receive one expression of interest. Hopefully this project will now die a death and that you our new representatives will oversee projects worthy of our heritage and historic town.

“The roundabouts in question have always elicited praise from the Tidy Town judges. Contrast this pleasing display with the ugliness at Gantly road. We have about a month to go before judging. A few hours work would transform the site at a fraction of the cost envisaged on the roundabouts. At a Tidy Towns meeting we were told of the enhancements such a landscaping would offer.

“There are many pleasant and valuable asides to the diverse flowers, shrubbery and trees on the roundabouts. The 25-year silver birches are truly delightful and make a great statement that Roscrea people are conscious of the value of trees. Judicious pruning would enhance the large area of the roundabouts, but not hoarding. Councillors, please let us all continue to be proud of the place we call home,” added Mr Cunningham.