Tipperary farmers urged to support Beef Plan protest

Action group to gather outside Dáil

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary farmers urged to support Beef Plan protest

Beef Plan is urging Tipperary farmers to support its protest outside the Dáil on July 10

Beef Plan is calling on all farming organisations across Tipperary to come out in unison to voice their anger at the current crisis occurring across the beef and sheep farming sectors in Ireland.

Beef Plan is also calling on all rural organisations and small businesses to join with the movement to protest against the latest EU attack on Ireland's family farming model.

They are calling on feed merchants, fertilizer suppliers, fuel suppliers, co-ops, veterinary practices, artificial insemination stations, farm contractors and the haulage and transport industries, and all those who rely heavily on the agricultural sector to join with them on July 10 for a protest outside the Dáil.

If the farming sector is under threat this will impact dramatically on their industries also, they point out.

Beef Plan said that the last year had seen unprecedented levels of loss making across beef farms in Ireland which had continued into 2019 with the continued decline in beef and lamb prices across the summer.

This continued decline is unsustainable for both beef and lamb industries to be in. However, at the retailer level, these lower prices have not been reflected in households across Ireland and Europe, they said.

"Farmers and all rural businesses need to speak with one voice on the July 10 at noon outside Dáil Eireann to bring the message home to the Government and to Commissioner Hogan," they said ahead of the planned protest.

They are also calling on the cattle breed society, sheep breed society to stand with them and support their call.

"Without a vibrant rural Ireland and sustainable farming sectors, the economic consequences will be far more widespread for the country," Beef Plan warned.