'Significant strides': 1,600 houses for Tipperary in two years

Dylan White


Dylan White


Tipperary  County Council to provide over 1,600 houses in two years

Tipperary County Council to provide over 1,600 houses in two years

Tipperary County Council is making “significant strides” in tackling the “challenging” housing situation, according to director of services for housing Sinead Carr.

At July’s council meeting in Clonmel, Ms Carr said the private rental sector is declining in terms of its availability to the council, but on average there are eight to 10 HAP tenancies being provided per week. She said there have also been 18 new RAS and long-term leasing tenancies since the start of January. “The private sector is not building and that has caused dysfunction in the market. It’s always a dysfunction when the local authority is building more than the private sector. In 2018, our target was 117 units and we provided 214. When you add in the number of RAS, long-term and HAP properties, we delivered over 830 social housing units in that period,” Ms Carr underlined.

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She said the council’s target for 2019 is 173 units, but predicts to deliver 228 units through turnkey, new builds and acquisitions. Adding in HAP and RAS properties, the council expects to deliver around 800 properties by the end of 2019, bringing the total number of properties delivered in the county to over 1,600 in two years. “As a council, we are doing a very good job and are well ahead of our targets. We are looking for four and five bed houses and building one beds because that is a significant issue for us,” she continued.

Ms Carr admitted “the council can do better” in terms of voids and maintenance. She said an approved council housing body forum has been set up and will meet four times a year, working more closely with housing bodies to maximise opportunities.

She added that the number currently listed on the county’s long-term homeless accommodation list stands at nine and that two people have been taken on in the council’s homeless office to tackle the situation.