Tipperary children on disability list are being ‘left behind’

Figures show 183 waiting for assessment

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary children on disability list are being ‘left behind’

Deputy Jackie Cahill: Tipperary children on disability list are being ‘left behind’

Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill has said that children with disabilities are being left behind as a result of Fine Gael’s mismanagement of the health service.

Figures released to Fianna Fáil revealed that 183 children across Tipperary are waiting on overdue assessment of need appointments.

The 2005 Disability Act provides for an assessment of the needs of eligible applicants with a disability. Assessments of need must commence within three months of receipt of a completed application and must be completed within a further three months.

“The situation in Tipperary appears to be particularly bleak, with 134 children with disabilities in North Tipperary overdue an AON appointment and a further 49 in South Tipperary who have been waiting longer than the three month timeframe,” he said.

Deputy Cahill said that the delays were symptomatic of a very sick health service, which had been crippled by a Fine Gael Government, which simply didn’t care.

“However, I am very concerned about just how deeply Tipperary is being impacted. It has fallen way behind other counties with comparable populations; in Carlow / Kilkenny there are 48 children whose appointments are overdue, 47 in Meath and 59 in Louth. The figures for Tipperary are alarming,” he said

The Fianna Fáil TD said that the importance of timely intervention could not be underestimated, but these children were being denied their statutory right, which was unacceptable.

“Minister Harris should be spending more time dealing with the issues in his Department rather than vying for an election. People in Tipperary have had enough of the big announcements and glossy supplements – they want to see improvements in care for themselves and their families,” said Deputy Cahill.