Design team appointed for Cashel's St Patrick’s hospital revamp

Cllr Roger Kennedy receives update from the HSE regional health forum on November 21

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Design team appointed for Cashel's St Patrick’s hospital revamp

2021 deadline for completion of works at St Patrick’s hospital, above

Cllr Roger Kennedy attended the HSE regional health forum on November 21 and requested an update on the proposed new residential unit at St Patrick’s Hospital Cashel, “and to ascertain if it is on target to comply with legislation requiring compliance by 2021?”

Kate Killeen White, chief officer of south east community healthcare, responded: “St Patrick’s Hospital, Cashel, provides residential, rehabilitation and respite care to older adults in the south Tipperary area.

“The national capital plan includes the replacement of St Patrick’s hospital.

“The new build planned for St Patrick’s is a 60-bed unit replacing the current 26-bed St Anne’s ward and St Bernadette’s ward and St Benedict’s 23-bed ward.”

The rehabilitation unit and St Clare’s unit (on grounds of Our Lady’s campus) will remain.

HSE estates have advised of the following update:

The design team has been appointed and are working on various planning stages. Stage 1 report is now completed and issued for consideration by the HSE.

Stage 2/a is (detailed design and planning application) is currently underway. It is understood that planning would be submitted in late 2019, however this is now planned for quarter 1, 2020.

This delay is due to complicated site investigations of a historic location and difficult access to some restricted areas.

Detailed equipping lists with costings are now being compiled for approval.

A number of pre-planning meetings have been held with the planning department. Tipperary Co Council is to discuss/agree on the extent of the use of the existing structures on the site and on a future use of the buildings, this is ongoing.

The design team and HSE management continue to meet on a regular basis.

HSE estates have advised that it is aimed to complete building works by end of 2021 (subject to additional/unintended delays arising in the process).

There are ongoing engagements between the Department of Health and the HSE on the Community Nursing Unit programme.