Leadership Day in Cashel Community School

This is the third year of the initiative and its main aim is to foster the holistic development of students

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Leadership Day in Cashel Community School

Student representation of leaders in Cashel Community School with student achievement co-ordinator Michael Moore and deputy principal John Murray

Leadership Day in Cashel Community School is a school initiative which acknowledges the achievements of students who take leadership roles in a wide variety of areas in the school.

This is the third year of the initiative and its main aim is to foster the holistic development of students within the school, to promote people who lead positively from the front and who inspire and encourage those around them in all areas of school life.

It is envisaged that those leaders in our school community will become role models for future generations of students in Cashel Community School.

As part of our programme to promote leadership and to introduce our students to past pupils who they can identify with as role models, this year a portion of our leaders were met by Jack Hayes (Student Of The Year 2016) who spoke of his experiences in Cashel Community school as a leader and how it is now helping him in his work at third level, as it has given him the confidence to put himself forward as a leader in a variety of ways.

Jack’s integrity and down to earth approach in his presentation was very well received by students.

This year’s leaders have come from a wide range of activities within the school including sporting captains, debating team captains, John Paul II Group, Gaisce Silver award winners, sixth year links leaders, the Lourdes Group, choir leaders, junior and senior student council and the school book rental scheme.

All recipients received a medal, which they wear on their school jumper, to illustrate to other students that they have been selected as a leader in our school community.

This event celebrates students who show good example, commitment and positivity within our school.

It is also expected that these students will continue to demonstrate their leadership qualities in their chosen field for the remainder of the year.

To aid the students in this regard, they will again be acknowledged amongst their year group at assemblies early in the New Year.

Also all teachers within the school have been informed of this year’s list of student school leaders and will be encouraged to enlist as many of them as possible to provide the necessary leadership and the right example to their fellow students.

These new initiatives, introduced this year, aim to inspire even more students to step forward as leaders in the school environment in the years ahead.