‘The art escape’ painting exhibition for Cashel libary

Exhibition runs from February 3 to 29

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


‘The art escape’ painting exhibition for Cashel libary

Boats, by one of Ann Brennan's students. The Art of Escape runs for the month of February

This group of paintings are the work of 15 artists who take part in weekly classes which take place in Cashel Community School.

The classes are facilitated by Ann Brennan, which come under the name of The Art Escape.

These classes have been running since January 2019, some of the pupils have been attending since the start and others have just recently joined.

As the name implies, this is where this group meet up not just to paint but to escape to a place of creativity, imagination and solace.

Individuality is key here as each artist is encouraged to develop their own style and to be expressive in their work.

There are 30 pieces of work on show and they vary from oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media and textured pieces.

These show what a versatile and creative group these artists are.

Check out the beautiful landscapes, seascapes, animals and floral paintings.

“I hope you visit the exhibition and will be inspired by the unique style of work,” says Ann.

“Each painting can stand alone and is full of character, just like its maker”.

Please come along to the launch on Tuesday, February 4, from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome.

The Art of Escape exhibition runs from February 3 to 29.