Lowry’s Malt House plans are ‘unworkable’ - Smith

'No approval has issued for a proposal to develop a medical centre there' - Michael Smith 

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Lowry’s Malt House plans are ‘unworkable’ - Smith

Cllr Michael Smith

Caring for the most vulnerable, especially the elderly and the upgrading of the Dean Maxwell Home are a priority for me, says Cllr Michael Smith.

“I’ve tried my best to involve all politicians in our quest to obtain the necessary funds.

“This is why it gives me no pleasure to say that the high profile proposal by Deputy Lowry for a new private nursing unit on the old Malting site is unworkable. 

“Firstly, the site involved contains a protected structure and would involve massive funds to maintain the building.

“No approval has issued for a proposal to develop a medical centre there. No sanction was sought from the HSE and none is forthcoming.

“I have already got confirmation from the parish council to dedicate lands beside the Dean Maxwell for the extension proposal.

“I have approached the CEO of the County Council Joe McGrath to secure additional lands for my proposal.

“Deputy Kelly invited me to a meeting with Minister Jim Daly who advised concentrating on the existing land.

“The most sensible course therefore is to stay firmly on the journey of upgrading this public Community Nursing Home.

“The people of Roscrea and surrounding area have received an excellent service from this facility.

“Many families continue to tell the stories of how their loved ones were treated so well with such compassion, care and dedication.

It will come as no surprise that I and many others will continue to work hard to ensure that not only does this service continue but the facility is upgraded and extended,” said Cllr Smith.