Public Speaking

Roscrea Toastmasters invite you to the Racket Hall

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Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Roscrea Toastmasters invite you to the Racket Hall

Roscrea Toastmasters

Roscrea Toastmasters met on January 23 and president Sheila Shanahan welcomed all members and guests.

Toastmaster for the night was Jim Cummins who did an exceptional job. Topicsmaster Alan Coffey had a great range of entertaining topics with lots of contributions from the members and guests.

On the night there were prepared speeches from Sheila Shananhan and Tim Meehan.

Sheila's speech was an interesting historical story about the Butler family how they started in Nenagh and finished in Kilkenny. They owned a vast amount of land and castles.

Tim’s was a terrific speech on learning and how we take in information has a strong correlation on our ability to recall. Why not come along to Roscrea Toastmasters where, in a warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere we help each other improve self confidence by developing public speaking. 

Call Sean 0860291809 or Sheila 0874189346.