HSE preparing to open additional Covid-19 test centres in North Tipperary

Locations will not be revealed

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


HSE prepares for additional test centres in North Tipperary

The HSE is preparing to open additional test centres in North Tipperary

The HSE has said that it is preparing additional centres for community testing for coronavirus in North Tipperary and it is expected these will come on stream in the coming days.

Testing is already taking place but the HSE is not revealing the location of these tests. The Health Protection Surveillance Centre released figures this week showing there were less than 5 Covid-19 cases in Tipperary.

A spokesperson said that this was to avoid people turning up without an appointment, which must be made through their GP.

They also said that it was to protect patient privacy.

"There will be more test centres across the community as the the demand increases, and it will increase," they said.

They stressed that all those attending must have an appointment.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson revealed that they had been approached by a number of groups offering support and facilities for community testing.

However, while appreciated, these locations had to be checked to see if their were suitable and if they could be fitted for testing to go ahead. Patient privacy would also be an issue.

The spokesperson said that, unfortunately, Tipperary and the Mid West in general did not have the advantage of an underground facility such as at Croke Park here there would be shelter if it rained.