'The mystery of the missing bus stop,' Tipperary councillor hits out over 'bureaucracy'

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"The mystery of the missing bus stop," said a Tipperary councillor as she hit out over "bureaucracy".

Cllr Annemarie Ryan of Tipperary Town raised the issue about replacing the bus stop outside Corny's.

She said: "Before the N24 Davitt Street roadworks ended I contacted the council about replacing the bus stop outside Corny's.

"Since then I've been on a magical mystery tour.......outcome.....still no bus stop!

"Last November I contacted the local authority, who in turn contacted the Bus Éireann who more or less said we'll do it when we are ready.

"The local authority told me sorry can't do anymore to help you we just have to wait for Bus Éireann.

"I then contacted Bus Éireann myself who told me to contact the NTA (National Transport Agency)

"I then contacted the NTA who eventually replied: 'Bus Éireann has confirmed that the bus stop pole will be replaced as soon as circumstances permit.'

"Are you lost yet?

"I then contacted the council again saying this is madness, can you help? So now we have come full circle! The council are now making contact with Bus Éireann again.

"What do you think? Will we get a bus stop or is that too big an ask for our town? Imagine if I had asked for a shelter!

"Bureaucracy at its best!"