'The difference a day makes,' dumping at Tipperary site just 24 hours after clean-up








CREDIT: Cllr Máirín McGrath

"The difference a day makes," said Cllr Máirín McGrath as she shared images of dumping at the bottle bank in Newcastle just 24 hours after a village clean-up. 

Over the weekend, up to 50 volunteers gave up their Saturday morning to clean the village in Newcastle and "make it a village to be proud of and one that we can enjoy".

On Sunday, Cllr McGrath said "some pitiful individuals decided they were too lazy to bring their rubbish home and instead dumped it expecting others to clean up after them"

She added: "If you want to clean out your car and the remains of your takeaway, snacks and drinks and rotten gloves, please do that at home and leave the village, the park and the bBueway for the enjoyment of those who will respect the area.

"If anyone knows who might have been in the park this afternoon and left their rubbish behind, please pass on names so that they we can report them for littering and maybe contact them and ask them to come and take their rubbish home.

"We have a good community who want to respect the area but to the disgusting people that think this is OK, shame on you after the hard work of all of our volunteers."