Scorchio! Temperatures to soar to 23C today but there's one, tiny little issue...

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Scorchio! Temperatures are to soar to 23C this Friday but there's one, tiny little might also rain. 

Friday will start off dry and mild but rain in the west will push east, easing as it does but still a risk of showers in most areas by afternoon, up to 23C and humid but winds easing a little, according to

Forecaster Alan O'Reilly added: "The bank holiday weekend isn’t looking too bad, mainly dry Saturday with only the odd shower, only up to 19C in light to moderate breeze.

"Sunday will start off dry but a higher risk of passing showers, up to 19C and winds increasing again.

"Still some uncertainty for Monday but latest charts keep most of the rain further south so keep an eye on forecasts for Monday as we get closer.

"The longer range charts offer some hope with signals of higher pressure and more settled weather but long long way off yet so it’s wait and see for now."