EDITORIAL: Number of social housing refusals in Tipperary a slap in the face

This week's editorial in The Nationalist

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis, speaking in the Dáil on May 14, 2019, said: “There is, in effect, no obligation on local authorities to provide housing. There is no constitutional or statutory right to a home in Ireland.”

The Deputy is correct, there is no “right to a home” in the Irish Constitution.

But, it has been the policy of successive Governments to provide social housing for those who don’t have the means to purchase a home themselves.

The number of housing refusals in Tipperary since 2018, detailed on page three of this week’s paper, will shock most people, particularly those saving for a home by working round the clock and going without certain luxuries to get a roof over their head.

In truth, the behaviour of the over 200 people who turned down a house in the Premier County, will feel like a slap in the face to people struggling to get on the property ladder.

There are those in Irish society who are scrambling and saving hard to purchase modest homes in this country.

And people being offered a house and turning their nose to it, for whatever reason, is likely to infuriate those trying to make it on their own.

Tipperary County Council must bring houses to applicants that are of a certain standard. So, why is the refusal rate so high? Can you think of a strong enough reason to not take a house?

The 2 Johnnies

The Tipperary duo are releasing a new single this week and the success of the Premier County men is to be celebrated. Their podcast provides badly needed entertainment on long commutes home for people.

In fact, hitting the play button on the podcast and then heading for home, one could quickly find themselves sitting in the car in the yard of their house wondering how they even got there.

The entertainment value of The 2 Johnnies podcast is truly mesmerising. Best of luck with the new song lads!