Clonmel Credit Union is here to help Tipperary people with back to school costs

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Padraig Enright CEO of Clonmel Credit Union

Back to school costs continue to rise for parents, whether it be national, secondary or indeed, third level.

Recent research suggests that over a quarter (27%) of Irish parents need to borrow to cover these costs on an annual basis.

While the current year is extraordinary to say the least as we grapple with the fallout from Covid-19, schools, colleges, parents and students are busy preparing for a return.

The Irish League of Credit Unions published the findings from a recent survey showing that parents are having to spend up to €1,123 for national school and as much as €1467 for secondary school pupils, to cover annual school costs. This can be a big financial strain for families.

Padraig Enright CEO Clonmel Credit Union said we are well aware that covering the costs of back to school can be a struggle for many families.

He said: “We are delighted to support our members and our community as the school year kicks off. Borrowing from your local Credit Union is easy and we will gladly chat with you help organise a loan that suits you and your family.Our message to our members would be to come and talk to us here at Clonmel Credit Union.”

Padraig added: “Should a member decide to avail of Credit Union loan for back to school or college expenses, we always do our best to ensure the process is smooth and transparent.

“The key difference with the Credit Union is that, unlike other financial institutions, we are local, here to support local and all our resources are invested locally. That means you get an excellent service and value for money from someone you trust.

"As always, we are happy to work with families and individuals to structure repayments in a way that suits their individual circumstances, be it for national or secondary school, 3 rd level and also those who are returning to undertake further education. Give us a call at 052 6125292; we are here to support you."

Clonmel Credit Union Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.