'I questioned how two outbreaks could be treated so differently,' says Tipperary TD







Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath concerned over high number of care orders in the county

Independent Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath

Independent Tipperary TD, Mattie McGrath, has questioned "how two outbreaks could be treated so differently".

He made the remarks in light of a further 31 cases of Covid-19 being confirmed in the Premier County on Tuesday evening. 

In a statement, he said: "I have spoken with the HSE and queried where these cases have come from and they were unable to provide me with this information.

"I have asked for a breakdown of the numbers associated with the ABP factory in Cahir and I could not be provided with this information.

"I questioned how two outbreaks in two different factories (Walsh Mushrooms in Golden) and (ABP in Cahir) could be treated so differently.

"In terms of Golden, as soon as an outbreak occurred the HSE contacted us immediately to inform us of the outbreak and that the army etc would be moving into Golden to carry out testing.

"At all times the HSE were in contact with us and kept us informed of all test results and progress.

"In terms of Cahir, according to the HSE, they have no involvement in the testing as the company are carrying out private testing. We have no knowledge of the numbers being tested or the numbers of positive tests.

"When asked where the 31 cases came from they were unaware of these answers and said its a matter for NPHET. 

"I will be attending the Oireachtas committee on Covid-19 (on Wednesday) and NPHET will be in attendance so I will be asking for some answers on where these cases have come from and how two outbreaks in the one county can be treated so differently."