Tipperary business owner 'incredibly proud' as tortilla chips hit supermarket shelves






Tipperary business owner 'incredibly proud' as tortilla chips hit supermarket shelves

Tipperary's Blanco Niño has launched new tortilla chips

Blanco Niño, a Clonmel-based tortilleria, has now launched game-changing tortilla chips in 10 Dunnes Stores and a number of independent shops across Ireland, including in Tipperary. 

Blanco Niño’s ambition is to be the Mexican food brand that defines the premium category in both restaurant kitchens and on supermarket shelves. Since opening the factory in Clonmel, Tipperary in 2016, the business has sold over 30 million corn tortillas across 16 European countries, working with some of the best Mexican restaurant and chefs.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on what was purely a food service business, but this move into retail makes sense for the business and offers consumers the chance to eat restaurant-quality food at home. 

Blanco Niño is the result of a relentless pursuit of the perfect tortilla, by founder Philip Martin. An endeavour that brought him on a journey through the milpas, molinos and tortillerias of Mexico to learn and understand the ancient cooking method behind them. The team have been refining and perfecting the recipe ever since, and have decided it’s time to bring authentic tortilla chips into the home. 

Market trends, like the pull from consumers for authenticity (75% of consumers shopping in the world food category ranked meals at home being 'as authentic as possible'), sharing (the sharing crisp market has grown 55% since 2008 ) and free-from (the free-from market is continuing to grow at 37.5% to £1.5 billion) mean that the Blanco Niño product proposition is perfectly placed to fulfil the distinct gap for a premium tortilla chip brand. 

Since lockdown in March, there has been a significant rise in snacking with sales of sharing bags in the month alone being 16.2% higher than that of the previous year. Platforms such as Netflix, (over 15 million extra revenue a month) and Disney+ (five millions downloads across seven countries in its first day of operation) significantly contributed to this increase in consumption within the snacking space . 

Blanco Niño is dedicated to using all-natural and authentic cooking methods, sourcing key ingredients directly from heritage producers in Mexico and has created truly distinctive packaging. These efforts have resulted in a product that is tangibly superior on every quality measure and delivers a truly unique, category disrupting proposition to retailers. Passionate about sustainability, the business has partnered with a small heritage producer in Celestún Mexico whose purpose it is to maintain and promote traditional salt harvesting techniques. 

Blanco Niño launched its sea salt flavour of all-natural, gluten-free, authentic corn tortilla chips in August to a number of retail stores including the Davis Road Dunnes Stores in Clonmel and at The Horse and Jockey Bakery. The management team is in conversations with a number of other retailers and independent stores, and plan to launch to more outlets this autumn. 

Philip Martin, CEO and founder of Blanco Niño, says: "It is hard to believe it is almost seven years since I originally conceptualised this. It has taken so much longer than I would have ever expected to realise, but not a single stone has been left unturned along the way in creating these. I’m incredibly proud of our tortilla chips, and what we built here in Tipperary. I hope you like them as much as I do."

Visit Blanco Niño online for more information.