Concern over 80 boy racers gathering on Tipperary road at weekend

Dylan White


Dylan White


Concern over 80 boy racers gathering on Tipperary-Waterford road at weekend

A county councillor has said there are up to 80 cars engaging in drifting on the weekends on a Tipperary-Waterford road.

Clogheen’s Cllr Marie Murphy told the recent meeting of the Tipperary County Joint Policing Committee that The Vee is full of boy racers on the weekends.

“You can hear the donuts, the drifting and all the noise up there, from Goatenbridge all the way across to Ballyporeen. It’s a huge area,” she said.

She called for cooperation between the authorities in Cappoquin, Lismore, Mitchelstown, Clonmel and Cahir. “[We need to] catch the drivers before they get up there and it may well deter them from the activity,” Cllr Murphy said.

She added that the boy racers used to gather in an area by Powers the Pot before works were carried out which put a stop to this.