False Covid-19 negative test of Tipperary man a 'major concern' says local TD

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Midlands TD slams €275 Covid test charge

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Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill has raised major concerns in relation to a constituent who received a false negative Covid-19 test recently and was not notified of this mistake for 24 hours, having mixed with family and work colleagues during this time.

The individual in question was tested on Monday, November 23 after having a sore throat. He received a negative result on Tuesday via text and was told he was Covid free.

On Wednesday, he was contacted by contact tracers and informed that he had in fact tested positive for Covid-19. The result on Tuesday was a false negative. 

Deputy Cahill has been in contact with the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly three times this week in relation to this issue.

The Tipperary TD said: "I have been contacted by a constituent who showed Covid symptoms on Monday this week. He got a Covid test and was told on Tuesday through a text message that he tested negative.

"He then went on with his business, mixing with family at home and work colleagues. On Wednesday he was contacted by contact tracers and informed that he had, in fact, tested positive."

"The last thing people need right now are false negative tests. This man had no idea that he could have been passing Covid to those around him.

"We need to be able to trust our testing system. I have brought this case to the attention of Minister Stephen Donnelly and I have spoken to him on three separate occasions in the last few days in relation to it. This is something that cannot be allowed reoccur with another individual," he added.