PICTURE: Clonmel gardaí seize over €275,000 of suspected drugs and cash in 2020

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Clonmel gardaí seized over €275,000 of suspected drugs and cash in 2020.

In February of 2020, additional manpower was added to the District Drug Unit in Clonmel.

The unit now consists of one Ssrgeant and four gardaí. As a result, detections for sale or supply are up 70% whilst incidents of simple possession are up 74%.

Suspected drugs such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, MDMA, alprazolam, cannabis and diazepam with an estimated street value of €256,000 were seized along with over €20,000 in cash.

Speaking at Clonmel Garda Station, Superintendent William Leahy said: "We have an extremely committed group of Gardaí attached to our drugs unit here in Clonmel.

"With the support of our uniform gardaí, they have a proactive approach to targeting street level drug dealing. For 2021, we will continue to disrupt and dismantle drug dealing networks and organized crime groups that effect our town so negatively.

"Drug use is a problem that we An Garda Síochána can’t solve alone. it is a societal issue and requires a societal response. People who think is ok to use drugs on a recreational basis, and think its harmless, are only fooling themselves. Not only are they damaging their health, they are funding organised crime.

"Drugs have an impact on so many lives and is a contributing factor in public order, assaults and collisions on the roads. If you see or hear of any drug activity, please pick up the phone and call the gardaí."

The increase of manpower coincides with the national Operation Tara which aims to re-invigorating local drugs units in every garda division.