'As I sit by my window, with worry and pain,' Tipp man pens poem about impacts of Covid-19

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Writing a Eulogy

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In all of my years at my age eighty eight
I have heard of this virus that can suffocate
As I sit by my window, with worry and pain
We might never be able to breathe fresh air again

It’s the first we have known of this virus before
For the rich or the poor, it’s at everyone’s door
We must think of a way for to see people through, try to help one another and the innocent few

Get prepared for this virus, stay safe if you can
For this virus can kill you whether woman, or man
And for all of you people who don’t seem to care, wash your hands, wear a mask, and breathe in the fresh air

I ask all of you people, if you could do your bit
Just cover your mouths, to control your spit
It could sure help a lot, in every way, for staff, nurses and doctors who work night and day.

There are young student nurses straight from college they came, where the work is concerned, they are all doing the same,
So come on Mr Martin, and give them the pay, I would like to see you lot live on thirty euro a day.

Most planes they are stranded but safe on the ground, for they can’t fly again, until a cure can be found
Everyone is waiting, but they can’t bear the strain, they are ever so anxious to meet their loved ones again.

We are into this lockdown for six weeks or more
It’s going to be hard for the rich and the poor
We can’t visit our own folk, or have a friend to the door
Since the famine in Ireland, we have not seen before.

So now that we know that the vaccine is here
It might comfort the old folk that are trembling with fear
So let’s hope it gets better for the year twenty one
For that dirty old virus forever be gone.

So get on your knees you unbelievers out there, and try for to focus on a nice little prayer
For the one man that can save us, from under the sod
That man up in heaven, he is the almighty God.

Written by:
James Doyle (Stam)

Jimmy is no stranger to poetry or music and has been writing both from a very young age. He has never had his poetry published before.
His father and brothers had a dance band back in the 50s and 60s called the Park Six Dance Band. He wrote the poem Covid-19 about two weeks ago in hope we can all pull together and do our bit.