Disgraceful behaviour! 'Someone decided to go to Tobar Íosa and pull daffodils'


Maria Taylor


Maria Taylor



Tipperary Tipperary Tipperary

Some of the plants in Tobar Íosa that were uprooted by uncaring individuals last weekend

The Tidy Towns’ group was disappointed to receive news last weekend that someone had decided to go to Tobar Íosa and pull shrubs and daffodils from their roots.

Tobar Íosa received a makeover last year and has become very popular during Covid with people calling to The Well for silent prayer or just to do the rounds and make a wish.

This incident happened last Saturday evening at around 3pm when the plants were pulled out and all the flowers cut.

It is not the end of the world as they were replanted once again and the bulbs will grow again next year but it’s just disappointing that this has happened in a place that people use for some quiet reflection and down time.

It’s a place to just sit and listen to the stream trickling, the crows and birds calling and to sit and ponder and these plants and flowers added to the beautiful atmosphere on site.

As it’s a little bit out of the way, this area is harder to keep an eye on, but we ask people to be vigilant as the committee have put a lot of good work into The Well over the years and especially since Coolmore acquired the property and gave the clearance for its upgrade.

On other matters, weeds are growing and planting is beginning so our members are confined to working alone or in twos and will follow Covid guidelines until Level 5 is lifted.

It appears that there will be a competition of some sorts this year so we would like to be in a position to compete.

Please remember that our drinks can collection will take place the first Saturday of the month and on April 3 and thanks to the River Rescue and ABP for their assistance in this venture.

The collection is in the car park from 10.30am to 11am but anyone under pressure with these times can make alternative arrangements with us.