EDITORIAL: We have become desensitised to Covid figures through saturated coverage

This week's editorial in The Nationalist

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Tipperary Tipperary Tipperary

Behind each number was a person, a family, loved ones.

It has been over 365 days of daily and weekly updates on Covid-19 case numbers - not even Sundays were exempt from the push notification of the latest tally.

Behind each number was a person, a family, loved ones. But we have become desensitised to the figures through saturated coverage.

Relentless and unfiltered media coverage which helped every day feel the same as the last. Lockdowns followed lockdowns and they were given the coverage they deserved in local and national media.

Case numbers too were reported rhythmically - with the varying degrees of the seriousness of the case numbers being stressed by the public health officials and subsequently, journalists.

The impact on businesses, on people and communities was covered from every angle imaginable.

Teachers and schools, the impact on students at all levels was also given column inches. It was the perfect story for the media, it took over the airwaves and filled pages. It was covered widely for twelve months and will continue to be covered widely.

There are pages of this newspaper dedicated to Covid stories and they have been for almost every week since the beginning of the pandemic.

Despite this saturated coverage, there are plenty of other news stories, important news stories, being covered.

The restrictions are going to be eased over the coming days and weeks, albeit not enough to placate us entirely.

So, this week, we mark the relaxing of the public health guidelines with the type of news fatigue that many people are experiencing across the county because let’s be honest, we’ve been here before.

We could well have a bit to go yet. This paper is full of wide-ranging and interesting stories gathered together by our team of professional journalists.

The news cycle continues on, and will do so long after Covid.

Enjoy the paper.