'I look forward to meeting people once again,' says Tipperary priest

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Very Reverend Fr Enda Brady, the Parish Priest of Cashel and Rosegreen, has outlined how he has had to make huge changes to how he does his job for the community.

He said that “hosting mass online has been a huge change and adaptation to how priests do their job. Most parishes have installed a church camera for people to watch the mass online. It is great because it means that you can still communicate with people through a camera”.

He also said that he is “a part of a sub-committee in the diocese which is involved with preparing children for their Holy Sacraments” and that they “are putting together a presentation for the kids and their families to communicate with them so that they can make their sacraments”.

Fr Enda also pointed out that he still does visits to the terminally-ill and the dying, offering prayers and sacraments to those who wish to receive them whilst also donning PPE gear and sanitising his hands regularly.

When asked what he looks forward to once this is over, Fr Enda said: “Some recreation time. You would feel very trapped in this bubble or parish. I look forward to meeting people once again, connecting with them and simply seeing them.” One of the best moments for the village of Rosegreen and the county was the completion of a four-year development project that involved revamping the local GAA pitch, building a new walkway and constructing a new playground for children.

Pat Cummins is the chairperson of the Rosegreen Development Committee.

He said that “thanks to the suggestions of people over the years and the contributions made by the entire locality, we were able to get this project over the line from start to finish”.

“Once we had contacted every household in Rosegreen regarding our five-year plan in 2016, we had a meeting in the hall, and we divided the one-hundred or so people into different groups that would tackle certain aspects of our plan”.

He said that “in truth, the whole locality was behind this project” and that “there was no one single person behind this huge undertaking”.

He also said that “this pandemic did hamper our efforts somewhat, but we got it done”. Looking to the future, Pat hopes that this project will serve as a beacon of light for other communities across the county and hopes that people will see that a tiny village like Rosegreen could do it, adding that it may encourage other villages to do projects like this. The pandemic has brought about huge changes in our society and has essentially tied this community together even closer.

And with that, much more is to be said about the positives of this close-knit community.

As we have seen, there are a lot of positives to be drawn from this pandemic.

From caring for the elderly and sick to undertaking a massive local development project.