Over €500,000 funding for village which will be 'model for cluster housing and low carbon'







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Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahearn

Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahearn has confirmed that Kilsheelan will receive €551,853.90 in funding under the Rural Regeneration Development Fund.

Senator Ahearn said: “Kilsheelan will receive over €550,000 to develop a model for cluster housing and low carbon planning. Kilsheelan is a picturesque village and is a Service Centre as identified in the County Settlement Hierarchy and has a range of community and local services. Kilsheelan is known for its active participation in the national Tidy Towns awards and is now an emerging tourism destination on the Suir Blueway and this project will support recent regeneration actions.”

The aim of the Kilsheelan project is to support and complement this investment, by providing a national best practice model for cluster housing, which will attract new residents to live in our villages. Part 8 approval was given by the local elected members in July, 2019.

This cluster housing project is shovel ready for delivery in 2021 so now the Serviced Sites will be offered for sale to members of the public in accordance with agreed procedures and criteria for sale.

The scheme will be developed on a not-for-profit basis thereby offering affordable opportunities for new homeowners.

The model for development will include guidelines on low-carbon design, which will be provided to applicants along with professional assistance in the design process.

Senator Ahearn added: “I want to thank the officials at the council who put together an excellent application and I know they believe that this project will make a valuable contribution towards the revitalisation of our villages, and maintain their viability for generations to come. I want to also thank Cllrs Michael Murphy and John Fitzgerald.”