New book by JJ Killian is based on 'practical experience of club committees'

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It’s Your Club by JJ Killian

Sports clubs, in many cases, have become large and complex entities with strong membership numbers and significant budgets - yet they are still operated by people who are essentially volunteers.

It’s Your Club by JJ Killian (pictured below), which is based on many years of practical experience of club committees, boards of directors and national councils, addresses many of the situations that cause problems for club officers.

It covers all aspects of the administration that supports the operation of the various functions of the club, explaining aspects of committees and their roles, the roles of the main officers, the importance of governance, the advantages of strategic planning, how leadership and management play different roles and how current legislation, such as child protection, affects the modern voluntary organisation.

The political, economic and social environment in which sports clubs now operate has changed significantly and clubs need to adapt to ensure that they not only survive but are equipped to facilitate change and further development.

Author of the book, JJ says: “Winning on the field of play is important for every club but ‘winning off the field’, the ongoing victories that guarantee the club’s development, is equally important. The best team in the club should be the management team.”

It’s Your Club provides the definitive text on the leadership and management of sports clubs and will give club officers the confidence to make decisions vital to their club’s viability.

It’s Your Club: The Management of Sports Clubs, by JJ Killian, is published by Oak Tree Press and is available in print and ebook formats from, Amazon and good bookshops. Trade orders via Gill Distribution.

JJ is a former army officer, businessman and organisational management consultant who has been involved in sport and sports clubs all his life. His on-pitch activities have always been mirrored by an involvement in the administration of the same clubs.

This sports administration involvement has been matched by many years of service on Boards of Directors, national councils, Boards of voluntary organisations and other committees.

For further information, contact Oak Tree Press ( or JJ Killian (
Hard copies are on sale in Clonmel at Eldons, Dillon Street and Comeragh Service Station, Davis Road.

JJ has gained significant experience of organisations over many years through his service in various organisations and committees and he has put all of this experience into his new book. His extensive experience of organisational structures includes:
*Member of National Council of ISME for 18 years. Chairman for two years.
*Sitting Member of Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) for ten years.
*Member of General Committee, Hillview Sports Club, Clonmel for ten years. Tennis Captain for one year.
*President, Kickham Squash Club, Clonmel for five years.
*Member of General Committee of The Island Squash Club for five years.
*Member of General Committee of Clonmel Rugby Club for over 30 years. Served as Chairperson of club for five years, Finance & Development Chairperson for seven years and Director of Rugby for two years. Served as President for two years.