Tipperary council appeals to public not to cut back Japanese Knotweed

Aileen Hahesy


Aileen Hahesy

Tipperary alert not to cut Japanese Knotweed to prevent it spreading

Japanese knotweed must not be cut

As an invasive species Japanese Knotweed is a major threat to the bio-diversity of our county’s hedgerows. It is a plant that spreads very easily and is very difficult to control.

Tipperary County Council runs an annual programme to control the spread of Japanese Knotweed across the county.

If you notice Japanese Knotweed in the hedgerows of your area please do not cut the plant back or attempt to manage it yourself. Report the location to your council using the customer service contacts below:
Phone: 0761 06 5000 email: customerservices@tipperarycoco.ie

Regulations 49 and 50 of the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 make it an offence to plant, disperse, allow dispersal or cause the spread of invasive plant species.

If you do find Japanese Knotweed on your property, it is important that you prevent any further spread of the species. Do not strim, cut, flail or chip the plants as tiny fragments can regenerate new plants and make the problem more difficult to manage. It is also advised not to dig, move or dump soil which may contain plant material as this may contribute to its spread.

Further information regarding the control and management of invasive plant species can be found on the Invasive Species Ireland website at www.invasivespeciesireland.com.