Look out for more farm traffic on roads

Dear Editor

Dear Editor

The Road Safety Authority and the Irish Farmers Association are urging road users to take extra care as the number of tractors, trailers and other farm machinery using the roads increases.

Many farmers around the country are gearing up for a second cut of silage.

The grain harvest has also begun with the first of the winter barley being cut.

Over 2.2 million tonnes of grain, oilseeds and protein crops and approximately 1.5 million tonnes of straw will be moving off the fields and into stores and yards over the next 3 months.

I am asking all drivers to be on the look out for tractors, trailers and other farm machinery exiting from fields and farm yards.

If you are travelling behind farm machinery, please be patient and only over take when it’s safe to do so.

We should all expect the unexpected, as danger could be around the next corner”.


Noel Brett, CEO,

Road Safety Authority,