Great to see old walkway along the Suir restored

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

It is great to see work on the old walkway to the Green being undertaken at present. This is the right of way that comences at the Lower Stile at Green Lane, to the Middle Stile, onto the Lower Green and then by the riverside to the steps at the Convent Bridge.

It resumes on the other side of the Bridge, along Convent Path and all the way riverside to the Turn of Abbey.

The work is near the Lower Stile. The method of surmounting the recently build flood berm, which had obstructed the pathway near here, is simple but highly effective. Congrats to those concerned.

It is important to stress the great age of this path. Generations upon generations of ordinary Clonmel folk walked it. Remnants of the pathway are still visible today at the riverside on the Lower Green.

I enclose an old photograph, courtesy of Hubert Goodman, of the path as it used to be, looking upstream or westwards towards the Convent Bridge.

Congrats also on the magnificent Bridge just recently opened with its stunning and unique display of colourful cultural reminiscensces of our lovely river.


Richie Fennessy,

Fennessy’s Hotel, Clonmel