Concern says thanks for Tipp support

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Concern Worldwide wishes to express its grateful thanks to readers of The Nationalist for their generosity during 2011.

Concern works in 25 of the poorest countries of the world. Your generosity places a great responsibility on us to ensure that we can account for every cent donated. I believe we do that.

As a result of the drought in East Africa 10 million people continue to be in urgent need of assistance. The United Nations estimates that hundreds are dying every day.

Since the beginning of the of the emergency Concern has reached approximately 680,000 people and currently we are targeting 400,000 in Ethiopia, another 400,000 in Somalia and 150,000 in Kenya.

Concern has been working in the East African region since 1973.

This year saw the world population reach seven billion and of that seven billion, one billion do not have enough food to eat.

Concern places great emphasis on long-term development projects so that people can break away from the cycle of poverty and deprivation.

It is your generosity that makes our work possible. That is something we can never take for granted. Especially in the current economic crisis in Ireland, it is essential for us to respect your generosity.

I take this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.


Tom Arnold,

Chief Executive Concern,

Camden Street,

Dublin 2.