Clarifying Hospital Comments




Dear Editor,

Please allow me space to clarify and put in context my remarks at the recent public meeting at the Tipperary Institute concerning bed closures at the Hospital of the Assumption as reported briefly on page 6 of last week’s Star.

Having firstly taken issue with Deputy Lowry’s version of events concerning support for the IMF deal and bank bailouts I then made the following points.

1.In September 2011 alone the Irish state paid 4.3 bn euro to bank bond holders. Relative to population, this was an extra burden of 60 million euro on the people of North Tipp.

2. Before the Lisbon Treaty, people were warned that sections of it were likely to facilitate the privatisation of healthcare. A number of speakers at the meeting had expressed concerns that privatisation could be the ultimate fate of the local hospital.

3. Earlier this year President Obama’s Treasury Secretary had vetoed an IMF sanctioned proposal to refuse to pay 30 bn euro to foreign banks. Again relative to population this was an extra burden of 500 million euro on the people of North Tipp. Yet a few weeks later President Obama was received with adulation.

I pointed out that in last February’s election people had the choice of voting for those who supported these actions or supporting those who opposed them. As 90% of the voters had voted for those who were agreeable to diverting such vast sums of money away from the local and national economy they could hardly be surprised when the resultant cutbacks happen.

As for “feeling the wrath of the crowd”, while several people vehemently disagreed with my remarks, about a dozen people came to me after the meeting to commend my analysis.

Thanking you,

Billy Clancy M.C.C.