Researching Family Tree

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I am doing some research on my family. I have this information from family passed down through time and also confirmed with a genealogist in Ireland.

My great grandparents were:

John Joseph O’Brien born 1842, boot & shoe maker, whose father was Edmund O’Brien and mother was Katharine Cormac. They lived in Church St., Tipperary.

He married Margaret Slattery (born 1852), on 30th January 1877 RC Chapel of Tipperary

Margaret’s father was Edmund Slattery, who lived in Bohercrow.

Margaret had two sisters that we know of - Bridget Slattery, Ellen Maloney.

John and Margaret’s first son Edmond 1877 died in infancy and Timothy 13/02/1879.

John and Margaret O’Brien, son Timothy and Bridget Slattery migrated to Australia 17 June 1880 from Plymouth on Carnatic.

They came to live in Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia. John Joseph had a bookmaker business until his death in 1920. They had two more children Edmond (must have named him after the son they lost in Ireland) and Bridget Mary (who was my grandmother). Margaret died in 1927.

Ellen Maloney migrated with three children some time later and lived out her life here in Australia. Her husband was Patrick but there was no information about whether he died in Ireland before she left or any other reason for her migrating to Australia. There are many descendants of these people still living in our beautiful North Queensland.

I can be contacted on

Carol Leary

Big hearted walkers needed this September

Dear Editor,

This September marks Heart Month and on September 25th, the Irish Heart Foundation is organising the biggest countrywide walking day of the year. We’re encouraging communities across the country to get involved in our Big Heart Walks and enjoy a 5km walk by themselves, with their friends or with a group. By walking 5km, and raising €1 for each kilometre walked, every person that gets involved will help us get one step closer to our target of transforming 50,000km into €50,000.

This autumn the Irish Heart Foundation launched our massive heart attack campaign countrywide. Money raised from Big Heart Walks will continue to raise awareness of heart attack symptoms and prevention among men aged 40 plus. With the help of the public, we can ensure more husbands, brothers and sons get to hospital at the first sign of heart attack. Every 5km counts and each €5 raised from the Big Heart Walks will remember the 5 men under the age of 65 that die of heart attack every week in Ireland.

By putting on their walking shoes on September 25th, our big heart walkers will be taking vital steps to save more lives from heart attack. A 5km walk will make you feel good and more importantly, brisk walking helps reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

We’re calling on the public to get involved on September 25th and make their 5km count. For more information on Big Heart Walks, celebrating World Heart Day, call Ciara on (01) 6685001 or register at

Yours sincerely,

Michael O’Shea

Chief Executive

Irish Heart Foundation