Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Nenagh Hospital Action Group is a voluntary group and is not a front for any political party.

We sent the following questions to all the candidates in the North Tipperary Constituency and received replies from all candidates.

1. Will your party put a moratorium on the HSE for the planned removal of ICU from Nenagh Hospital to Limerick until the end of 2011?

2. To date there is no HIQA report on the Limerick Regional Hospital, will your party press for a HIQA investigation for the health and safety of patients in the Limerick Regional Hospital?

3. Will your party commit to the building, equipping and staffing of the two new Theatre Suites in Nenagh hospital, in planning at present, during the tenure of the new government?

4. Will your party revert to 24hr A&E services at Nenagh Hospital?

Nenagh Hospital Action Group intended placing and advertisement in this paper with the responses of the candidates. This was not possible to complete due to provisions in the Electoral Act of 1997 which would require us to register as a third party.

We are disappointed that the candidates are not afforded an opportunity to outline their replies for the general public.

We will submit the responses of the candidates after the election.

Signed: Christy Hartigan (Chairman)

Nenagh Hospital Action Group.