Hospital of the Assumption

16th September 2011.

16th September 2011.

Dear Madam,

From Personal experience I know that the Thurles Hospital of the Assumption is a special place, staffed by special people who are dedicated to the care of the sick.

My first reaction to the news that it was to lose its Respite Wards was one of disbelief and disgust. This marvellous facility was a lifeline to many ageing and unwell people, who are part of the generation which gave the country the reputation of being a warm and caring nation.

Why should they become the victims of overpaid, lackadaisical bankers, lunatic speculators and frenetic shirt sleeves stockbrokers chasing flickering shadows and shifting sands in the hope of making a swift buck.

May I say to our leaders (and I use the word loosely) stop making the Dail into a squabbling shop and do something positive like forming a national government or are you all too arrogant and narrow minded to accept that we need the united efforts of all our elected representatives to lift us out of our abyss of debt.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Coffey,

204 Rosemount,