Our Hurlers Lack Motivation

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

In the wake of a defeat one hesitates to write anything lest it be interpreted as a whinge , moan or unwarranted criticism of any of the team or management involved . It is therefore in the spirit of constructivenes that I pen this letter . We are all disappointed at what transpired last Sunday & being of an age that remembers the glorious sixties feel more than a little aggrieved that we lost not because of a skill deficit or fitness shortcomings but because of insufficient desire & allowing ourselves to be bullied by the neighbours. I deplore cynicism in any arena & have the experience & attendance record at all modern sports to realise that it is fairly common . We do not do it well . One incident which involved a trip on a Tipp player was deemed “necessary” by our opponents & prevented a pretty certain goal. I believe small incidents influence big games & this was a defining one last Sunday. That is not to say it was the reason we lost but during the whole game only one Tipp player committed a “physical” foul & David Young received a deserved yellow card for this-- he could have halted this player with more subtlety but did not know how.

Perhaps the coaching /management team might consider the following : Learn from experiences such as what happened to Waterford when they came with a rookie to mark Lar -- Kilkenny came with their must famous enforcer , did we even consider putting Paraic Maher on Henry Shefflin -- he managed him well in 2009 when he was only 19! Has any effort been made to coach David Young before he was discarded to make him a better tackler & with better discipline/controlled aggression. From 8 to 11 we have four super hurlers but again they were bullied & surely they must be coached to overcome this as this is the engine room of the team -- Bonnar Maher & latterly John O’Brien showed they have the ability . Some novel move was required but we froze -- why not bring Lar to the middle of the field with orders to run at the opposition at every opportunity & change the long ball barrage which played right into the hands of the assassins in the Kilkenny full back line? Something different , something to put them thinking . Also where was the cover for our Full Back line if anything happened -- I think Conor O’Brien desreved a little more from Tipperary.

I can think of a lot more but will desist -- perhaps this short letter might start a discussion amongst those who can do something. We seem to lack motivation once we have tasted victory -- history supports this view as even the Babs era produced 5 Munster titles & only 2 All - Irelands from a group which were capable of much more. I wish it were not so & hope that all on the panel possess a desire to achieve more as time flies & new powers will rise to dislodge Kilkenny if we dont take the lead .

Michael Sheridan

44 Roseville


Co Kildare