Do You Know Me?

My name is Mary Brigid O’Mahony.

My name is Mary Brigid O’Mahony.

I was born at Sacred Heart Convent, County Cork in 1954. I was adopted by German Americans and sent to Texas, USA.

Recently, I received a packet of information from HSE. Included in my packet was a 2002 letter from my half sister Alice written on behalf of my birth mother. My mother and sister were searching for me.

However, my copy of my mother’s letter to Sacred Heart had all of her contact information redacted making it impossible for me to find her.

Her request for assistance was denied. She was told that I would have to grant permission for my details to be released. Of course, I was never contacted and had no idea that anyone was looking for me. Ironically, I was searching for her, as well, but with no success. With this latest information we may be, finally, very close to finding each other. I learned that she lives in Co. Tipperary. Can someone help us?

I am not indicating here the name of my birth mother. I am not certain that her friends and family know of my existence. Her daughter, Alice, obviously is aware of me as she tried to help my mother find me.

Well, dear Mother and sister, I am here! I am fine! I am looking for you, too!

Please contact me.

Brigid O’Mahony, MHJ

Providence House

396 Conklin Ave.

Binghamton, NY 13903