Elvis Fan Left “All Shook Up”

2 St. Thomas Square,

2 St. Thomas Square,


Dear Editor,

On the 23rd March I had to drive to Thurles to pick up some Elvis memobillia from a friend who was leaving, emigrating. As I drove into Liberty Square my phone rang. Not to break the law I pulled in for about ten to fifteen minutes sat in the car. During my call I noticed a taxi beside me and behind him a Garda traffic corps car. I didn’t mind after a while the taxi pulled up and said I was in a taxi rank opposite the Arch Pub. Well I was “all shook up”. He said more than likely

I might have got a parking ticket, it’s a pity he didn’t have the courtesy or the decency to beep his horn. I would surely have moved on. Yes, I did get a ticket, I was really annoyed with this taxi driver, he said he didn’t see me. How could you miss my big black head of hair, well done Sir you got your pound of flesh, one up for Tipp. maybe. He was a disgruntled Tipp. fan or he might not have liked Elvis, but why when I was parked did he not give me a sign, if I had gone to Semple Stadium or gone to Ryan’s Daughter for tea and tart, yes I would deserve my ticket. I spoke to the Gardai after and sincerely apologised as it was dark and badly markings on the road. I must say they were extremely polite and courteous and friendly, in fact they were a credit to the force. Take a bow lads and lassies. They explained that they were getting numerous phone calls from taxi drivers with cars blocking their ranks and I totally agree with them. They have a job to do and a tough one at that with so many cut backs, out backs, set backs and so many Garda stations closing down. If Alan Shatter had his way they would be eating, sleeping, working from their cars, god help them. Maybe I should have said “Lads Don’t Be Cruel”, “Don’t Have A Wooden Heart” or “Don’t Have Suspicious Minds”, to be honest I was feeling “Moody Blue”, but the laws the law. I don’t blame taxi drivers as it is getting harder and harder to make a bob, the fine is on the way. But please Thurles Town Counci,l please make taxi ranks a bit more visible and please put another sign up at the top not a sign at the A.I.B. Don’t let us Elvis fans be “Caught in a Trap” and left “All Shook Up”.

Many thanks,

Elvis Fan Myles Kavanagh,