Septic Tank Charges

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

As a member of a community in a little hamlet called Cloneybrien, I feel aggrieved at the treatment that has been dished out to us regarding our septic tanks. If we lived in the village three miles away, we would not have to worry about sewage as the main pipes are looked after by the Council. Every time we empty our tank, it costs €200 whereas in towns and villages, the Council picks up the bill for main sewage and maintenance. In rural areas such as ours, we have to do all our own maintenance.

We have our own Group Water Scheme and have to do our own repairs. When a pipe bursts in the town, the Council repairs it. People in villages and town have no problems — the Council takes care of it. So why are we having to do all our own maintenance and receive nothing in return?

Now we are being scrutinised regarding our septic tanks in spite of the fact that we have the cleanest spring water in our area. We also have to pay for our pumphouse bill every two months which amounts to approximately €20. Besides all that we are subject to Property Tax. We get no amenities, no hedges cut, no roads repaired yet in the villages, they get footpaths done and roads tarmacadamed. I could go on..

Yours faithfully,

James Ryan,

8 Cloneybrien,



Co. Tipperary.