Church Findings

40 Clonaslee,

40 Clonaslee,



Co. Tipperary

Dear Editor

The report of last year’s findings on the visitation from Rome into the Catholic Church in Ireland released this week is welcome but alas only a short condensed version.

It shows once again Rome is controlling without talking responsibility for its part in this whole sorry state of affairs of child sexual abuse and its cover up down through the decades. The word responsibility has two parts to it, respond – ability. Rome has responded. This response has not revealed or enlightened us very much as it chooses to withhold the facts uncovered by last year’s visitation. It looks like the method of operation of Church Authorities is very similar to all big multi nationals.

The Roman Catholic Church is the Roman Catholic Church but we as the people of the Church have to try and make sense of all this ourselves. It’s beyond me and I find it hard to understand as simply something is either right or wrong. It appears there is still a lot about our Church Hierarchy that needs to be re-Christianised. It appears the Church hierarchy sometimes is preaching Christianity which is not always reflected in their actions.

A recent example of this which involves our Cardinal Sean Brady. In November 2011 a fourteen year court case concluded in which the cardinal as a young priest in the 1970’s became involved as a note taker at a Church enquiry into the abuse of a young boy by the priest Fr Brendan Smith. Present at that enquiry was Fr. Sean Brady and two other priests along with the 14 year old boy. On Sunday the 4th December 2011 on RTE radio 1 One O’clock news, the victim of this clerical sexual abuse case spoke of his 14 year bruising court battle with the Church. He spoke with dignity, respect and compassion when he asked Cardinal Sean Brady to make a public apology. During the programme a statement was read out from the Cardinal’s office stating that on the 17th of March 2011 the Cardinal had dealt with this and he would meet privately with the victim.

The facts are the court cases did not conclude until November 2011 and the statement made in Armagh on March 17th 2011 couldn’t and didn’t address the victim’s wishes.

It begs the question where is the Christianity in the Church’s dealings with the concerns and wishes of this victim of clerical sexual abuse.

I remain in hope that the Church’s hierarchy is reawakening to acting out its Christian teachings.

Yours sincerely

Willie Keane

Nenagh Community Garden Project,

5 Northville,


Co. Tipperary

Dear Editor,

From Wednesday 28th of March until Wednesday 6th of June 2012, (the date that the President of Ireland, Mr. Michael D. Higgins will officially open the Garden), will be a very busy time for all involved in the Nenagh Community Garden Project as they seek to prepare the Garden for the Presidents imminent visit.

To date much work has taken placed in preparing the Garden, polytunnel has been erected, sheds have been put up, construction of a wheelchair accessible pathway is under way, the construction of a pond has commenced and the VEC Fetac Level 3 course started on Friday 23rd of March with a NTLP BTEI Course also due to start within the next couple of weeks.

The Garden has also received much needed financial assistance from many local businesses for which we are very grateful.

At this stage we would like to appeal to the general public for their help, what do we need?

The public are invited to contribute any old garden tools they may have lying at home and not being used, namely spades, shovels, forks, wheelbarrows, hoes, etc plus we would like to receive plants, plant cuttings or seeds, if anybody has time on their hands we would be delighted to have them along as a volunteer.

If you have any of the above, please contact the undersigned and we will make arrangements to either collect or arrange a drop of point.

All involved in the Garden are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome the President both, to Nenagh and to the Garden, to show off what is best about community in these times of great challenge for our citizens and communities across the country.

Yours faithfully,

Gerry Coffey.

Coordinator Nenagh Community Garden Project.