Appeal For Respect For Town Centre Residents



Above is a picture of the public toilet in the Parnell St. car park taken on 20/08/11, Saturday night/ Sunday morning at approximately 1.30 - 2.00am. As you can see the toilet roll has been pulled out around the car park area. Why do this??? I would like to know why people cannot just go out, have a few drinks, enjoy themselves and go home quietly and peacefully.

I have been a resident of Thurles town centre for many years but find that over the last few years there has been a marked decrease in the level of social responsibility that people of all ages have. Some of the problems we frequently (ie.every weekend) encounter are:

• people urinating in our doorways,

• shouting and screaming,

• cars racing up and down the street,

• cars sounding their horns, (Do not use a horn in a built-up area between 23.30hrs and 07.00hrs unless there is a traffic emergency. Ref: Rules of the road)

• rubbish from fast food outlets thrown all over the place - which our dedicated street cleaners are left to clean up!

• broken glasses/bottles from licensed premises,

• extremely loud music.

• business alarms going off - can they not be silent???

All of the above are much worse following major sporting events such as GAA and soccer. While I would look forward to supporting my county team in the upcoming hurling finals, I am also dreading the mayhem that will follow!

So when you next go for a night out please consider the many residents who live in the centre of town and have some respect for them, for yourself and for your town!


Mary MacMahon,

Parnell St.