Missal Changes Concern

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Last year I voiced my concern in a letter to your newspaper about the new changes which were due to take place at Advent time to the books the priest and the people use at Mass. My concern was well founded and the reality is even worse than I feared. I would like to protest most vigorously about the new missal changes which have been introduced officially at the start of Advent 2011. The changes are disruptive to our Eucharist, have managed to dismay some faithful Mass goers (those who are still making the effort) and all but silenced the people who don’t know the responses any more. I used to love reciting the entrance antiphon at Mass each morning to myself but the new antiphons are dreadful, convoluted and with only minimal similarity to the one that had been there before. Other low points are the Confiteor, the priest only offering the Sacrifice as my sacrifice and of course yours too, it is right and just (reminds me of our justice system and penalty points) and the great Amen. The late Archbishop Morris was reputed to have said in earlier times, that this prayer was for the priest to say only and the faithful to answer Amen at the end but over the years we the faithful took it on ourselves to say it regardless. Now Archbishop Morris must have a wry smile on his face in Heaven because we the faithful can’t say it any more; it is not at all like it used to be!

I realise I can’t sit by passively any more without protesting. I also realise that there has been a huge expense involved in this change over and very little chance of reverting back to the missal we had. I use the trite expression of “throwing out the baby with the bath water”. To me it is a very regretful, retrograde change in our church and will drive a greater wedge between the Hierarchy and the people. I pray that God will come to our rescue in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Marese Skehan.

Volunteers Wanted for Building Project In Kenya

Kenya Build a voluntary organisation based in Sligo is looking for volunteers to work on a building project in Kenya in late June/early July this year. This is an opportunity for young and old, skilled and unskilled, male or female to have possibly a life changing experience .You will possibly find a side to your character that you did not know you had. There are few opportunities for short term volunteer work. This is an opportunity to help the marginalised, to contribute to humanity and to get an understanding of life in a third world country.

The project will involve the commencement of the re-building of an orphanage in Ngong a village 30km outside Nairobi.

Over the last few years Kenya Build has totally re-build Cheryls Childrens Home and school, build two classrooms in Riruta slum, build a new school at St Pauls Orphanage, bought and re-furbished a house in Machakos called Terrys Bridge of Hope. All information about past projects can be found on our website www.kenyabuild.com

Each volunteer will be expected to fundraise in order to cover flights, accommodation, food ,insurance and materials.

Anyone interested can contact Basil Love (Project Co-Ordinator Kenya Build) for further information on 086 8253531 or by e.mail @ info@kenyabuild.com