Dail Eireann Relegated To Puppet Show

Croke Street,

Croke Street,


A Chara The Irish people have been betrayed by Dail Eireann not for the first time, and subjected to German rule, having lost our national Sovereignty and Fiscal control, and humiliated by having Ireland’s programmes of survival publicly decided by the German Bundestag days prior to their announcement in Dail Eireann, merely for immediate implementation purposes. How humiliating and oppressive a predicament as an entity, in the EU we now find ourselves in, with the real Government of Ireland now Germany, masquerading under the troika umbrella. The young people of today are annoyed with the betrayal of their country by the political parties, and the massive pensions being paid to those who presided over the sorry mess they have landed us all in. As of now on the government benches Tweedledee has replaced Tweedledum in the puppet show that Dail Eireann has been relegated to.

Ireland needs new political parties with pride in and commitment to the future of this island nation in which we must seek to build an environment of togetherness throughout the whole island of Ireland, to create wealth, employment and bridge building to overcome difficulties, and to extend the hand of friendship to all who want to be part of the new way of working with each other, in the interest of stability, peace and goodwill with fair play for all. Challenge is good to focus the mind on how best to combat the major obstacles that confront us at this time. A beginning could be made by forming multi purpose Co Operatives in every parish in all 32 counties of Ireland liaison with the local Credit Unions and identifying the potential for local enterprises including tourism horticulture, Bee keeping crafts heritage, local tours to scenic and historic places etc

John J Hassett

Payment For Tickets On Trains


Duncan Martin’s letter to you, in the 14th March edition of the Tipperary Star, in which he praises Iarnrod Eireann, contains one serious piece of inaccurate information. In his enthusiasm to promote Irish Rail he states ‘There is no need to pre-book; just pay at the station – or on the train if the station is unstaffed’.

Irish Rail now has a policy whereby you are penalised if you board a train without a ticket. I learned this to my cost when attempting to purchase a ticket on a train recently. I was charged a total of €173 for a return trip to Dublin (which would normally have cost €48) and was advised, when I queried this, that I was lucky not to have been charged a further €180 clamping fee for my car, which I had no option but to leave in the station car-park without a ticket, because the ticket machine in the car-park was out of order. When I appealed the penalty as suggested by Irish Rail staff, the appeals officer attempted to impose a further €50 penalty on me. I am more than happy to make available the correspondence on this matter to the Tipperary Star.

It strikes me as extraordinary that Irish Rail has not publicised its change in policy of not accepting payment for tickets on trains more widely, particularly as this is direct contravention of the EU Rail Users Directive.

I now take the bus to Dublin from Toomevara. It costs €15 return, is roomy and luxurious, and can drop you off in the centre of Dublin (or at Heuston Station). Car-parking is secure and free. And best of all, you can relax and buy a ticket from the driver without fear of being prosecuted for a criminal offence.

I now recommend the bus, rather than the train, to all my tourist clients.


Clare Leon,

Tipperary Mountain Trekking Centre,



Co. Tipperary.

Support For Dean Maxwell Nursing Home

Dear Editor,

I would like to add my support for the Dean Maxwell Nursing Home’s continuous upkeep and hope that the HSE will reverse it’s decision to close 26% of the beds in the unit. One closure leads to another.

Having trained and worked as a “Personal Carer” for two years under the guidance of Matron Mrs. Anne Keevey and Nursing Director Mrs. Catherine Timmons I was shocked to hear the news that such a catastrophe might occur. The Dean Maxwell to quote Marcus Wilson “is a home for the people who live there and they had come from their own homes to live there”. The Dean Maxwell is a family of families under one roof with no stone unturned to ensure residents and staff are cared for.

I had unfortunately due to the “Embargo” had to seek employment elsewhere and I am now working in Brisbane, Australia with an organisation called “Blue Care” which look after the aged, a job I enjoy very much. I have no doubt that the recent news to the Dean Maxwell has caused tremendous undeserved stress to both residents and staff. All wonderful people whom I had the privilege to work with.

I think Ireland should take a leaf out of the Queensland government policies and invoke strategies to prioritise the health and wellbeing of the elderly, ensuring that at vulnerable times in their lives elderly people should have no fears. It’s bad enough when one’s health fails but losing one’s familiar surroundings and friends is just not good enough. Keep protesting.

Regards to all my friends in the Dean Maxwell Nursing Home.

Orla Martin

E-mail address orlaghmartin@gmail.com