Anger And Disappointment Over Tipp Hurlers

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,

It’s obvious to me and indeed many others that there is a general feeling of anger and disappointment in the County following our dismal display in this years All-Ireland final v Kilkenny. Firstly I don’t agree with abuse being thrown at the players or management (and I’ve heard it at club games). But I can understand it. People are angry because we as All-Ireland champions just simply didn’t do anything to rectify glaring weakness on that day.

The most obvious being - why was Lar Corbett left in a cul-de-sac all day on Jackie Tyrell? Why wasn’t he brought out the field to snipe a few points like he did in 2009? Why were the Tipp. forwards bombarded with high ball all day? Look at what John Mullane did to Kilkenny when the ball was played low in front of him. That’s the kind of ball a class act like Seamus Callinan needs. Low and diagonal. Tipp. just didn’t look like they were ready for the battle at all. To see a player walking in the parade the day of an All-Ireland final and wearing a track suit top tells its own story. The forwards should have been allowed the freedom of Croke Park to drag the Kilkenny defence asunder. But they hurled in a heap all day with high ball after high ball raining in. Pure Russian Roulette.

Why wasn’t the one forward capable of winning high ball, John O’Brien, put in full forward? John is a proven goal getter and maybe he’d at least have won a penalty or two. It was a bad day at the office for Declan, Tommy and Michael, no doubt about it. We have tremendous hurlers right now. It’s imperative we reap the harvest while it’s ripe with this young talented team. We had a great chance to finally dismantle Kilkenny. They themselves even admit that being beaten two years in a row (could, should have been three) would ask serious questions about their older players. Instead we’ve handed the initiative back to them again. It’s really frustrating. We won a great All-Ireland in 2010. What is it with Tipp. that they just couldn’t muster the same anger, hunger, drive, passion, desire, mentality, whatever it is, to lay down the law and become the new force in the game by winning again. How can Kilkenny do it? 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011?

Liam Sheedy did tremendous work with this Tipp. team. He fuelled them with real desire and real Tipp. steel to stand up to Kilkenny once and for all when they were steam-rolling everybody else. We’ll never repay him or thank him enough. The present management look way too relaxed on the line. They will just have to make a super effort next season to re-ignite the Tipp. fire again and put us back on top of the pile. I wish them the best.

Tipperary fan - Newport.

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