Casino Decision Nonsense

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I just heard the news today regarding the Governments stance on resort style casinos. To say I am shocked is an understatement.

I have written to the Gaming Control Dept for more information on this but this really is a nonsense. The first rule of legislation is that the young and vulnerable are protected and the Tipperary Venue is a perfect example for that ideal to progress which leaves me baffled by their actions. Not to mention the project would have spearheaded other foreign investment groups to come here, what they have effectively done in one ‘swoop’ is cut off any chance of new investment coming to this country which is the ‘trophy’ in any other country when legislation like this is passed.

The Irish Government has basically announced that they do not want any foreign investment when it comes to Casinos as they know better, we will be an island with tiny little cottages and tiny little casinos. It is rare to come across such arrogance in a time when the Country is on it’s knees but the Irish know better than anyone else or didn’t I tell you!

Yours Truly,

JJ Woods,

Belmont Park

Raheny Dublin 5