‘Winter Long Ago’ by Jack Doherty

It’s Winter time

It’s Winter time

Cold Frosty evenings coming down

The waning light of shortened day

As yet no rising moon

Or stars to light the way

Blue black sky high above and far away

Lamp lighting time

The oil wick trimmed

And glass globe aired

Careful, steady hand, there is no spare

Pale yellow light

The shadows of the night

Gone from the stone flagged kitchen floor

Down the long black sooted chimney comes

The far off lonesome whistle of a train

Frost coated fields

A waiting rabbit snare

Tomorrows dinner hop hopping free

Disaster waiting in a circled wire

A hop too far, he is no more

Well worn deck of cards, on the “dresser” waiting

The “Jack” and “Five”, their table banging power

Not yet alive, not yet the hour

For the neighbours coordeek hand of “Twenty Five”

Shortening the Winter nights

And hastening the coming of reviving Spring

The welcome singing birds to hear again.