Spring Clean Up Is Taking Place This Wednesday Night – Helpers Sought

Tidy Towns

Tidy Towns

Meet in Rosemary Square, the Roundabout at Tesco, or the back of Super Valu in Gantly Road from 6.30pm and bring a sweeping brush, spade and dustpan with you as concentration will be on cleaning up car parks, back entrances, removing weeds, rubble, litter and anything we meet along the way. All bags of litter and rubble, will be counted and details sent to An Taisce who organise the National Spring Clean event every April, and while the Schools and Scouts have already been out doing this work, it is up to all of us to take responsibility for the appearance of our streets and approach roads. Tesco and SuperValu will have staff members out for this clean up. Tidy Towns volunteers will also join the clean up, and we would like to see as many as people as possible join this event. Please do what you can to eliminate all this litter from our town centre, and in this way “Help our Community and Town to SHINE”.

Pop Up Shop

The Tidy Towns Fundraising Pop up Shop will open in Main Street on Tuesday the 7th May at 10 am and Committee members would very much appreciate your support to meet the cost of materials, insurance, plants, trees, hedging plants, flowers, preparation of sites for projects etc. Items for sale will include household, hardware, ornaments, toys, jewellery, good as new clothes etc. If you have unwanted jewellery, ornaments, toys or any good household or garden items that you feel are saleable, please leave them to Mary Heffernan in Abbey Street, or ring her at 21327 for further information. The Committee require these in the next week so they have time to price them and have them on display for opening on the Tuesday morning.

Tidy Towns Competition

Judging commences the 1st of June, and the big question now is – are we ready? It is now only a month away, the Tidy Towns application is being compiled with before and after photos added, the Three Year Plan is being updated and maps of all projects prepared, so a year’s work is being recorded to ensure nothing is left out, and Roscrea get a greater increase in marks this year. If you can make improvements now such as painting a boundary wall, or

flaked gate or railing, or if you have an entrance yard with weeds, rubble or litter we would appreciate if you would do what you can to tidy up and enhance it before the Adjudicators arrive in town from the 1st June onwards