Encouragment for loyal band of Fethard volunteers

Fethard Tidy Towns marks up again this year

Encouragment for loyal band of Fethard volunteers

The AGM of Fethard Tidy Towns will take place in the Tirry Community Centre at 8pm on Tuesday, October 25. All are welcome to attend. The committee would like to thank everyone who helped in any way throughout the year and those who enhanced the town by flower baskets and keeping their premises. We also invite new members to come along and get involved in whatever projects they choose or whatever way they feel they can help.

In this year’s National Tidy Towns Competition, Fethard again upped its marks from last year, thanks to the hard working local committee and helpers led by chairman, Joe Keane (pictured above). Since Joe took over the Tidy Towns in October 2009, the committee produced a three-year tidy-towns development plan for Fethard and also decided to re-enter the annual competition. With on-going work on the ground and support from local volunteers, local businesses and Coolmore Stud, Joe Keane and his loyal group have continued to increase the points awarded every year – not an easy task. The total marks awarded in their section this year was 269, up six marks from last year’s 263.

The full report will be published in this year’s Emigrant’s Newsletter and is also available to download from the Tidy Towns website (www.tidytowns.ie). Concluding their report they also mentioned that:

“The eight committee members show good spirit by attending meetings and working on the different projects around the area. It is pleasing to read that your work is contributing to the development of your community and enhances the natural beauty of your lovely place. Fethard is a place of considerable interest for lovers of architecture and nice scenery. You love Fethard and well done for the great work that you are doing. Well done.”